Field Trial:
Decontamination of USP Water Purification System & Distribution Loop

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Food Safety Case Study:
Validation of the Use of Chlorine Dioxide in Reducing Microbial Contamination on Raw Fruits and Vegetables

Pure chlorine dioxide was tested at 5ppm concentration and for total 1 minute contact time. The experiment was to determine the antimicrobial properties of pure chlorine dioxide after drop-spotting inoculation over each surface of raw agricultural commodity (RAC).

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6 Reasons Food Processors Must Use Chlorine Dioxide

Are you looking for a better, more effective way to decontaminate and sanitize your facility when processing food and beverages?

Pure Chlorine Dioxide can be used in many different sanitization processes including pasteurization equipment, heat exchangers, cooling towers, hard surface disinfectant, portable water treatment, and deodorizing stacks in rendering plants.

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Mode of Action & Microbial Activities of Common Healthcare Disinfectants:
What the CDC Tell Us

How appropriate and effective are the disinfectants you use in your facility?

Looking to find safer, more efficacious solutions to your terminal disinfection issues? Download this white paper from the CDC explaining mode of action and microbial activity of disinfectants to help you make the right decision for your healthcare facility.

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Chlorine Dioxide:
Why You Should Be Using it in Your Facility Instead of Other Disinfectants

Confused about disinfectants, but want a terminal clean without toxicity to your staff or patients?

Download our comparison chart of Pure Chlorine Dioxide compared to other disinfectants and show your Infection Control Team that CIO2 is an easy, green, non-toxic disinfectant.

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