5 Basic Facts of Pure Chlorine Dioxide You Need to Know

infographic Pure Chlorine Dioxide facts05.29.14

Written by: Selective Micro Technologies  

When it come to knowing the facts on Pure Chlorine Dioxide, there are many we maybe don’t understand or realize are extremely helpful in our everyday lives.

Pure Chlorine Dioxide is safe, simple to use, and much better than bleach. If you want a product that keeps the environment and you safe, you will want to look at the 5 advantages of Pure Chlorine Dioxide.

1.  You simply just add water.

It cannot get any easier than just adding water. By using micro-reactor technologies that we developed, you will have the cleaning power of Chlorine Dioxidelittle effort and less expense.

2.  Strong enough to kill pathogens on contact. 

When using Pure Chlorine Dioxide as directed, it kills pathogens immediately on contact. It will work as a disinfectant and sanitizes against common pathogens such as the following: salmonella, MRSA, listeria, E. coli, Norovirus and H1N1 Influenza A (formerly called swine flu) and many, many, more.

3.  Safe to Use in food and healthcare environments.

Pure Chlorine Dioxide has been safely used to treat drinking water for more than 50 years. SMT Pure Chlorine Dioxide is now FDA approved for the food industry, and EPA registered for the elimination of viruses, microbes, and a wide range of pathogens in the medical spaces.

4.  Ease of use. You can simply spray surfaces and walk away.

There is no rinsing or wipingYou save time and labor while keeping areas disinfected, deodorized, and clean reducing the spread of infections in your facility.  All you need is this super biocide and you are good to go.

5.  Disposal is easy.

When you are finished with the product, you simply discard the patented sachet or pouch in a wasteThe product is environmentally safe and requires no hazardous waste disposal. Nothing like powerful cleaning and disinfecting properties in a disposable bag!

So when you want something to disinfect and deodorize, look at the facts of what best serves your needs and is environmentally safe.

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