Summertime! Is your water safe to drink?


Written by: Selective Micro Technologies  

clean water

Making sure the water we drink is safe, is extremely important. Selective Micro Technologies (SMT) has been working to improve our water system disinfection for the past decade. To do so, we employ pure chlorine dioxide (pure ClO2) which is best known for its markedly versatile properties of disinfecting surfaces, deodorizing the surrounding atmosphere, treating dead legs and cleaning filters; the firm offers solutions for many applications including water system treatment and disinfection. Pure chlorine dioxide, namely, is used to remove organic matter and debris from pipes, distribution loops, and holding tanks at low concentrations therefore without corroding equipment and producing harmful byproducts.

Along with that, they also listed functions of chlorine dioxide when used to treat water as:

  • “Pre-oxidant to control tastes and odor”
  • “Control of iron and manganese”
  • “Control of hydrogen sulfide and phenolic compounds.”

Often we take for granted having clean, running water the moment we turn on our faucets. Upon a more thorough look, one may determine whether the pipes and tanks holding that clean water are also clean and disinfected. Getting water in a safe and clean way is just as important as having disinfected water coming from your faucet. A long time ago, before the “antimicrobial” age was born, people were drinking water straight from streams, wells, and garden hoses. Now we know that there are many different kinds of microbes in water like Giardia and E. Coli that can cause illness, even death, if ingested. Water system treatment and water quality is a main focuses with which SMT continues to improve.

Disaster Relif in Haiti

One of the most important phenomena SMT has done recently was aiding in disaster relief by implementing tactical and strategic methods for point of use disinfection down in Haiti. Employees traveled to Haiti after the massive earthquake that destroyed the island and also disrupted their water systems. Disease was rampant and water was polluted, but pure chlorine dioxide was put to use to help get the Haitian people the clean water they desperately needed. This is only a cobblestone within the cornerstone that pure chlorine dioxide will continue to provide moving forward, and as a continuous measureable and verifiable way to deliver user-friendly technologies to ensure most effective decontamination practices. 

Please contact us at SMT Selective Micro Technologies to help keep your water clean and free of contamination. 

*More information about Chlorine dioxide and its use with water treatment systems can be found here: