Our Story

SMT products represent the culmination of more than a century of combined industry experience. Our directors and managers have held senior positions with Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 companies across the United States and overseas. Our collective experience includes more than 60 years in chemistry, membrane systems, applied micro technology, marketing and strategic planning; more than 55 years in product development and product engineering; and more than 20 years in executive management. Together, we offer a long history of success in creating innovative products, delivering them to market, and building solid businesses.

Bacteria, spores, mold, viruses and other dangerous microbes threaten our health in many ways. They live and grow on our food, our hands, in our kitchens and bathrooms and in cars and classrooms.

We fight these threats the best we can with corrosive bleaches and chemicals with harsh smells. But we accept these side effects and limitations because we want to keep our environment clean and safe.

Harnessing the power of our patented technology, SMT is dedicated to combating and eliminating these threats and making our environment cleaner and safer.

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