New FDA Food Safety Regulations Are Coming


Written by: Zach Devier

Hello All! Zach here again to discuss some changes in the food processing industry. Recently, the FDA announced plans for stricter rules to regulate food safety in the processing industry. This comes in response to a long list of serious outbreaks of foodborne illness in the past 7 years. Michael Taylor, the deputy commissioner of foods for the FDA commented, “The food safety problems we face have one thing in common — they are largely preventable.”

Does Bioslime and Algae Got Your Plants Down?


Written by: Zach Devier

Although it has been some time since Cultivate ’15, I wanted to write another blog discussing horticulture irrigation systems! I recently had the absolute pleasure of visiting a greenhouse grow operation interested in implementing our pure chlorine dioxide. They were wondering if chlorine dioxide would be able to help rid their system of any existing bioslime and algae. So, I hopped on a plane and flew out to help get them set up. I’ll explain a little bit about the process below.

Want to Make Your Store’s Produce Safer and Last Longer?


Written by: Zach Devier

Wow. Is it almost September already!? Things have been moving very fast for SMT lately, and I have been on the road traveling for much of the past month. Last week, we attended another tradeshow for clinical diagnostics in Washington, D.C. and met a lot of great people.

Are Your Internal Fluidics Crummy and Fouled?


dirty-internal-fluidicsWritten by: Zach Devier

Hello! Zach Devier of SMT here with another blog, for your viewing pleasure. We’ve recently been spending quite a bit of time following up with all of the wonderful people that we met at the AACC Clinical Lab Expo we attended in July. One of the issues that continues to pop up is the bio-fouling of internal fluidic systems.