Mold: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Part 1

Mold growing11.25.2014

Written by: Selective Micro Technologies

When the word mold is mentioned, it can strike fear in people within the food industry, hospitality industry, general contractors and renovators, and even the healthcare industry. Why is this the case? Because mold typically has a pretty bad reputation, not only from smell and visual perspectives, but the fact that it can severely and adversely affect one’s health. This makes it a major issue. In other words, when mold shows its ugly face it can spoil food, ruin structures in buildings, release bad odors, and cause sickness in people.

Unwinding the Perception on Housekeeping

Hotel bed11.14.2014

Written by: Selective Micro Technologies

The way a room looks and smells are the first things guests notice when stepping into their hotel room or suite. If the the room smells badly, it’s safe to assume that they will believe the room itself isn’t clean, even if it is in fact properly cleaned and disinfected. Perception is critical towards maintaining superior customer service. One’s perception of something essentially provides a critical first impression.

6 Steps to Process Food and Eliminate Foodborne Pathogens

Fresh vegetables in a bucket11.07.2014

Written by: Selective Micro Technologies

The FDA has been at war with foodborne pathogens. They estimate that there are at least 48 million cases of food poisoning annually, nearly 3,000 resulting in death. The culprits of many of these illnesses are undercooked food, improperly stored food, and contaminated food. At one point along the way from being harvested to the consumer’s plate, the food that ultimately caused the person’s illness was mishandled.

Eye on Superbugs--Special Report: Measles

Child with measles10.31.14

Written by: Selective Micro Technologies

According to the World Health Organization, “Measles is one of the leading causes of death among young children even though a safe and cost-effective vaccine is available.” Since this disease is now prevalent again, causing elevated illness and death in individuals, it was determined to be a bug that would be good for our “Eye on Superbugs” series this week. Let’s explore this disease and why all of a sudden children are dying from a disease that was once considered completely eliminated in the United States.