Reduce Downtime When Decontaminating Your Clinical Analyzer


reduce-downtimeWritten by: Zach Devier

Hello All! Sorry about the time in between this blog posting and the last. We’ve had a very busy month attending several trade shows. Last week, we attended the American Academy for Clinical Chemistry Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo in Atlanta, Georgia. We were able to meet many professionals and experts in the diagnostic industry to learn more about how they take care of and service their machines in the field.

How to Keep Your Food and Your Employees Safe


Food processing plantWritten by: Zach Devier

We at Selective Micro hope all of you had a great and safe 4th of July holiday! Speaking of safety, I thought, in light of some recent events, both locally and nationally, that I would write about food safety. If you are from Ohio, or even the Midwest, you are most likely aware of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. The Columbus-based ice cream company is known for their eclectic flavors such as wildberry lavender or pistachio and honey.

Advantages of Chlorine Dioxide in Water Treatment


chlorine-dioxide-in-weater-treatmentWritten by: Kevin Dearwester

Hello everyone! It has been a rainy summer for us in Ohio, so with water in mind, I figure to get wet and talk about water systems applications. I recently chatted with Frank Firicano, an expert in treating closed loop water systems, RO/membrane systems, etc. Frank has an intimate knowledge of SMT’s pure chlorine dioxide (ClO2) by way of interaction with and development of chlorine dioxide applications.

The Real Dangers of Household Cleaning Products


household-cleaningWritten by: Helen Gale

Millions of consumers around the world make the mistake of believing that every product on sale in the supermarket must be safe. If you are one of these consumers, you need to reconsider. The dangers of ‘off the shelf’ bleach and cleaning products are well documented by scientists and doctors, but somehow never make it out into the wider attention of the public (1).