Does Bioslime and Algae Got Your Plants Down?


Written by: Zach Devier

Although it has been some time since Cultivate ’15, I wanted to write another blog discussing horticulture irrigation systems! I recently had the absolute pleasure of visiting a greenhouse grow operation interested in implementing our pure chlorine dioxide. They were wondering if chlorine dioxide would be able to help rid their system of any existing bioslime and algae. So, I hopped on a plane and flew out to help get them set up. I’ll explain a little bit about the process below.

The Real Dangers of Household Cleaning Products


household-cleaningWritten by: Helen Gale

Millions of consumers around the world make the mistake of believing that every product on sale in the supermarket must be safe. If you are one of these consumers, you need to reconsider. The dangers of ‘off the shelf’ bleach and cleaning products are well documented by scientists and doctors, but somehow never make it out into the wider attention of the public (1).

3 Biggest Benefits of Chlorine Dioxide


chlorine-dioxide-benefitsWritten by: Zach Devier

I was on the phone the other day speaking with a potential customer. He had found Selective Micro through a Google search of water disinfectants and treatment chemicals and decided to give us a call. Chlorine dioxide was a little new to him so he was very curious to learn about our products.

As we were discussing our products and the molecule, he asked me, “Zach, what makes this chlorine dioxide stuff any better than chlorine or hydrogen peroxide or the next chemical?”

It’s a common question that we’re asked almost daily, so I thought it might be a good idea to write a blog that explains some of the biggest advantages of chlorine dioxide.

3 Ways to Ensure Optimal Equipment Cleaning

Uncover the facts 6.25.2015

Written by: Zach Devier

First, I’d like to introduce myself, the author of this blog and several other blogs that will be posted on our website from time to time. My name is Zach Devier (pronounced Da-Veer) and I am an employee at Selective Micro Technologies. I’ve learned a lot about chlorine dioxide over the past year and would like to share some of what I’ve learned with you.

4 Ways You’re Wasting Money with Improper Disinfection


Written by: Selective Micro Technologies

Many different types of institutions require some level of disinfection. The reason for this requirement is to protect their staff, patients, customers, etc. For many, the chemicals used and any extra staffing required are sunk costs, but what may not be known is that their current disinfection protocol could be costing them more money than necessary. By simply investigating current methods of disinfection or the chemicals used in the process, you could discover there is money to be saved.