4 Quick Steps to Avoid Salmonella This Summer


Written by: Selective Micro Technologies 

eggsSalmonella is quite an unwelcome visitor come spring and summer! How many times do you go to a summer picnic only to see egg salad, potato salad, or deviled eggs sit out in the heat for your summer delight? Yuck, Right? Many times we say we are going to practice food safety and we do, until we go to some summer social gathering and forget all about it because we are caught up in the socialization of the event.

The down and dirty of Salmonella is it can occur on the inside and outside of the egg. Most obvious on the outside is chicken feces that is not removed. The inside occurs when the egg is forming and the feces gets into the egg. Therefore, it is an issue to make sure the egg is clean and not cracked.  It is kind of scary when you love eggs. Therefore, the best thing to do is thoroughly inspect your eggs and buy from FDA certified growers.

Does the food sitting out frighten you, make you sick, or completely make you lose your appetite? I am with you on that! I love summer and entertaining, but to worry about a foodborne pathogen contaminating my food makes my skin crawl. Time to be proactive and enjoy the summer without getting sick. Here are 4 quick tips to make help make your food safe:

  1. Keep your food refrigerated at or below 40 F at all times. Make sure the eggs you buy are kept refrigerated too.
  2. Discard cracked or dirty eggs.
  3. Refrigerate all food that contains eggs to keep fresh. If it is leftover food refrigerate immediately too avoid contamination.
  4. Do not allow eggs or other foods warm or at room temperature for more that 2 hours.

I know these tips seem obvious, but you need to remember these tips when you are at your summer gathering.