How Pure Chlorine Dioxide is Changing the World


Written by: Selective Micro Technologies 

clean medical equipment Back in the 1800’s, or really any time before the 20th century, diseases ran rampant due to use of dirty surgical instruments used on patient after patient without being cleaned in between, the lack of hand washing, and the complete lack of disinfection altogether.

Improper Disinfection

One of the main reasons most families get sick all around the same time is because of improper disinfection. Households, hotels, and hospital rooms are breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, it’s extremely important to remember to disinfect once you have cleaned an area. So what’s the problem? Of course you don’t want to go through the process of cleaning then have to go through and disinfect too, right? Would you be willing to take that extra precaution and do one more step if it was simple, quick, and guaranteed to meet EPA standards for microbial kill?

Pure Chlorine Dioxide Scenerio 

Here’s a scenario: You’re getting ready to make a nice salad for dinner. You’ve wiped your countertops, and now you simply spray them with pure chlorine dioxide (ClO2), and then go about cleaning your vegetables and getting everything ready for cooking. Once ready, you’ll have disinfected countertops and less worry about spreading germs. The same is true for hotels and hospitals, or virtually any hard non-porous surface.

Once a room is finished being cleaned, a quick spray of pure ClO2, gives that added disinfection needed to keep everyone healthy and happy. The reason this step is necessary is because cleaning removes the stuff that you can see, while disinfecting removes the microbes you can’t. It’s easier to skip the part you can’t see, but it’s too important not to because the microbes are what make you sick, your customers sick, and spreads diseases from patient to patient.

 The added yet unexpected benefit you get from using pure chlorine dioxide for disinfecting is that it also deodorizes very effectively. It doesn’t leave behind a fragrant smell of cinnamon or lavender, but instead that of cleanliness. It doesn’t cover up the smell like typical marketed deodorizers do either, but instead discovers the source of the odor and eliminating it.

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