Keep Your School Germ Free

cleanschool XS 105.14.14

Written by: Selective Micro Technologies  


Schools tend to be breeding grounds for germs and sickness. There has been a stomach bug going around lately which was most likely started somewhere in the exchanging of books, desks, pencils, computers, essentially any inanimate surface where germs thrive and survive ntil contact with the next victim. Children don’t recognize the importance of cleaning their hands as often as they should, nor are they responsible for keeping their school environment clean.

Did you know that many sanitizers or disinfectants must be thoroughly rinsed from surfaces after application? It’s true, for example, chlorine bleach has to be rinsed due to the inherent chemical property of this substance being corrosive and carcinogenic. So, while bleach certainly does the job killing bacteria and other bugs, it’s a harsh choice chemical for the job.

Pure chlorine dioxide is a superior choice because it’s very selective and non-corrosive, plus it delivers an added bonus of deodorization while disinfecting. Pure chlorine dioxide’s inherent gaseous properties will provide more thorough decontamination than any other aqueous based disinfectant. Also, pure chlorine dioxide equitably disinfects, but at much lower concentrations than do other disinfectants, which is safer for use in spaces children will be.

Below are some tips about pure chlorine dioxide as a super disinfectant:

1.)  It is important to first clean tabletops, desks, toys, etc. in order to remove soil, organic debris, and the stuff you can see, then a surface disinfectant or sanitizer should be applied to remove the stuff you can’t.

2.)  Disinfectants make the germs disappear, not the dirt!

3.)  Always choose an EPA approved and environmentally-aware type of chemical for disinfection. Pure chlorine dioxide is EPA registered, offering a more reliable and efficient method of