Hotel Disinfection: Is Your Hotel “Clean” or Safe?

Clean Hotel Room06.18.14

Written by: Selective Micro Technologies  

Vacation season is here finally! A nice way to relax on while on vacation is booking a hotel where you don’t have to worry about cleaning or even making the bed. Or do you? Upon researching, the very first thing suggested to do is an inspection of your room. Several articles say to remove the comforter from the bed completely, place reusable glassware to the side, and to disinfect your room by wiping down all of the surfaces you will be touching. Wow, that seems like a lot of work for someone on vacation to do in order to be able to relax in their hotel room!

Clean & Disinfected Hotel Rooms           

So why are hospitality personnel not ensuring clean and disinfected rooms for patrons? One reason is that maids and other staff are under a lot of pressure to clean rooms and prepare the hotel for new guests as quickly as possible. These staff members are working long hours and are being paid minimum wage to do some pretty nasty work, in order for the hotel to rebook that room night after night.

Maid for a Day

In an article “Maid for a Day” on, one maid says she has to clean around 15 rooms each day, which can take at least half an hour for each room. Towards the end of their (the maids that is) day, everyone is in a hurry to get finished. Up and down the halls, housekeepers race to finish. In some cases, standards may slip, which is where poor room sanitization disinfection prevail.One author states “Glasses are hand-washed in a sink to avoid a time-consuming trip to fetch dishwasher-sterilized ones. A housekeeper who runs out of cleaning fluid may only swipes surfaces with a water-dampened washcloth.” It would be interesting to find out if this level of cleaning would be enough for the maids to be willing to stay in a room cleaned by a coworker. 

Quick & Efficient Method of Disinfection

The standard seems to be to provide a simple surface clean to the room in order to make it neat, tidy, and inviting, but no standard of disinfection is implemented at any preferable level to the consumer. In the disinfection and sanitization market, it is our job to provide a top quality product to remove any pathogens that are left behind after surface cleaning. But they MUST be implemented after the cleaning process! In a world where turnover is critical, the hospitality industry needs a quick and efficient method of disinfection.

That is where Selective Micro’s pure chlorine dioxide “spray and walk away” technology comes to save the day.  After cleaning the hotel and bathroom, all that needs to be done is a spritz of chlorine dioxide over all the hard non-porous surfaces a guest could come in contact with while deodorizing all other surfaces. It is relatively simple and cost effective, plus no certifications are required to sue, handle, or store the pure chlorine dioxide products. Using Pure chlorine dioxide (pure ClO2) to disinfect, sanitize, and deodorize hotel rooms will undoubtedly provide guests with a room you can guarantee as clean and safe.  

Major steps of better disinfection and sanitization need to be involved and instituted in order to help prevent illness. We recommend taking necessary preventive measures with disinfection practice in order to avoid the potential for widespread contamination and spread of bacteria and disease. Pure ClO2 is best understood for its markedly versatile properties to both disinfect surfaces and also deodorize the surrounding atmosphere.