How Pure Chlorine Dioxide is Changing the World


Written by: Selective Micro Technologies 

clean medical equipment Back in the 1800’s, or really any time before the 20th century, diseases ran rampant due to use of dirty surgical instruments used on patient after patient without being cleaned in between, the lack of hand washing, and the complete lack of disinfection altogether.


Do You Know Your Chlorine-Based Biocide?  A Quick Synopsis Regarding Chlorine Chemical Nomenclature



Written by: Selective Micro Technologies 

Did you know that the type of chlorine-based biocide one uses for decontamination not only plays a role in how effectively surfaces are disinfected, but also may impact health and safety even at particularly low use concentrations. Chlorine bleach is a commonly known biocide, and has been grandfathered in for so many uses.


Selectrocide Chlorine Dioxide in Horticulture Applications


SMT horticulture selectrocide

Of the many challenges confronting the floriculture industry, among the most problematic, most costly, most nettlesome, and most resistant to countermeasures is controlling algae. Algae can establish visibly noticeable populations on almost every surface in a greenhouse: sand, gravel, concrete, construction materials, misting nozzles, evaporative cooling pads, and on glazing materials used on structural components. Pictured below is an irrigation line fitting that, as a result of leaking, has developed an advanced mat of algae on its outer surface. 



The Dangers and Setbacks of Using Impure Disinfectant Solutions


Written by: Selective Micro Technologies 

In any setting, it is imperative to understand the type of chemical designated for disinfection. Most solutions carry a dominant formula with many impurities also present in solution. Such surrogate contaminants may be toxic or dangerous, even in low quantities. This is especially true for different versions of alcohol based disinfectants as well as chlorine dioxide solutions. For example, isopropyl alcohol vapor flammability can be influenced by the grade of this disinfectant, likewise with its irritability to the skin.