Keeping Your Gym Disinfected


Written by: Selective Micro Technologies 


Working out at the gym is a great way to get your body fit and healthy right? Certainly you can get fit at the gym, but whether you are able to also maintain your health while at the gym is a different story. When was the last time the hand weights were thoroughly disinfected, or the exercise ball you just finished doing ab exercises on. As a matter of fact, some of the places in a gym where germs are most likely to be found are on are public yoga mats, dumbbells, exercise bike seat, and obviously shower room floors. Aside from always making sure to wash your hands or showering after working out at the gym, a more thorough decontamination effort can be made to prevent the spread of these microbes and illnesses.  

In order to do so, one must use a product that is not corrosive, so that it won’t affect the gym equipment in any way. It also must be user-friendly, and ideally it would be non-carcinogenic, easy to use, and non-corrosive. Additional features that product should have are deodorizing qualities, because the smell of sweat is never pleasing to imbibe while working out. Sounds like the ultimate disinfectant right? This is an accurate description of some of the capabilities that pure chlorine dioxide products offer. 

Equipment Disinfection

There are many products people choose for disinfection without knowing side effects or consequences such as dangers to health or level of certification. Pure Chlorine Dioxide products are user-friendly and environmentally-aware for equipment disinfection. Pure Chlorine Dioxide is ideal for health, spa, or fitness facility disinfection because they leave no residue, deodorize smells, and can be sprayed on, then left to air dry for disinfection on any hard non-porous surfaces.  Engineers can determine the right solutions as they meet you expectations. This product not only makes disinfecting your gym a lot easier, but makes the gym equipment safer to use as well! 



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