5 Precautions for Preventing Infections in Your Long-Term Care Facility


Written by: Selective Micro Technologies 

The elderly generation and those who require long-term care are becoming increasingly susceptible to acquiring infections from their surrounding environment/home than those of us who are younger and in better health. With millions of people requiring long-term care, the importance of providing safe, clean, and sustainable facilities is crucial. 

There are constant shortages in staff and beds available for patients. The staff-to-patient ratios are reaching critical mass, so it’s no wonder infections spread rapidly throughout these facilities.The safety of these facilities has just as much to do with the cleanliness of the facility, as it also does with the competency of the staff. Major steps of better disinfection and sanitization need to be involved and instituted in order to help prevent some of the unnecessary deaths that our occurring in long-term care facilities.

The infections and diseases that spread throughout these facilities were also listed in the article. The most prevalent are: MRSA, C-diff, the influenza virus, and norovirus (a type of stomach flu). In order to stop the spread of these infections, there are many precautions facilities should take. 

Here's 5 Precautions for Preventing the Spread of Infections in Your Long-Term Care Facility: 

1. Always wash hands between patient contact, and use gloves if a patient is known to have a contagious

2. Every surface of each patient’s room and any common rooms (dining room, lounge, activity room) should be thoroughly cleaned AND disinfected often.

3. Never take laundry from one patient’s room into another, even if it is clean or unused. Laundry can easily transmit pathogens from patient to patient.

4. Make sure to disinfect equipment before using it from patient to patient. This is a common way of infectious diseases spreading.

5. Disinfectants and deodorizers should be safe to use on surfaces where patients will be. 

The Benefits of Pure Chlorine Dioxide 

Pure Chlorine dioxide is an environmentally-aware, organic, non-carcinogenic chemical that can be used on surfaces for disinfection in healthcare settings such as long-term care facilities. The added benefit for use of pure chlorine dioxide is the deodorization that naturally occurs. The chemical is getting rid of the germs and pathogens on hard non-porous surfaces while elimination nasty odors associated with some of these bugs! Each molecule of pure chlorine dioxide is 2.5 times better at killing common superbugs, such as MRSA, than other commonly grandfathered products such as chlorine bleach, ozone, and peroxide. A clean and disinfected environment is not only safer for patients, but it gives their families the added satisfaction that the facility takes the added care to make it a good place to be taken care of. 

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