Improve Your Decontamination Process with Less Product: 3 Quick Tips


Written by: Selective Micro Technologies 

clean hospital hallwayDecontamination techniques are employed when organic or inorganic debris needs to be removed from things like surfaces or equipment. It is a process that is meant to remove and/or destroy all contaminants from the area in order to prevent sickness and to provide a clean environment for people to work and live. In order to ensure that proper decontamination occurs, it is important to use the appropriate products to achieve the desired results.

Your decontamination process should include:

  1. Choosing a surface cleaner that is non-corrosive, but strong enough to handle tough debris like oil and body fluids, and includes a surfactant. 
  2. Following standard cleaning with a disinfecting/biocide agent that will provide additional microbial kill once applied.
  3. Choosing only organic, bio-based cleaners and EPA approved biocide agents for increased safety of staff.

There needs to be physical cleaning of the surface or equipment to remove the debris that you can see first. A bio-based cleaner is a top best choice because it will be compatible with material being cleaned and can be used at various concentrations. Further, ultra-pure chemical disinfectant solutions deliver superior material compatibility, are disinfection byproduct residual free, and provide much greater disinfection capacity than do impure purveyor counterparts.

Understanding the Types of Chemicals Designated for Disinfection

In any setting, it is imperative to understand the type of chemical designated for disinfection. Most solutions carry a dominant formula with many impurities also present in solution. Such surrogate contaminants may be toxic or dangerous, even in low quantities. Impure chemical disinfectant solutions may not adequately disinfect as advertised. Further, more solution is needed to deliver adequate levels of disinfection. The level of purity of a disinfectant solution is generally correlated to material compatibility, capacity to effectively disinfect, and level of environmental awareness. Selective Micro offers all these benefits in their disinfectants which are recognized by several governmental and quality agencies, top food industry companies, and top healthcare companies.

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