Quick tips on a Clean Lab and Equipment Efficiently 


Written by: Selective Micro Technologies 

healthcare-lab-cleanRegular sanitization treatment is important because fouling of equipment, lines, reservoirs, surfaces, etc. occurs naturally after any cleaning procedure.  A regular maintenance schedule will help prevent skewed results due to organic deposits clogging lines and reservoirs. For example, research has demonstrated that clinical analyzer companies regularly using pure chlorine dioxide solutions experience a significant reduction in the frequency of unscheduled downtime caused by organic fouling. Pure chlorine dioxide is also easily detectable, further washed out in a single volumetric flush.


For rapid on-site verification, Selective Micro® offers wide and low range chlorine dioxide detecting test strips. These strips are designed to quickly and accurately detect chlorine dioxide levels in order to allow confirmation of treatment concentration and flush-out from the clinical analyzer or virtually any type of surface or equipment. Moreover, Selective Micro® offers a nearly pure (>99%) solution of chlorine dioxide by simply adding only water. Selective Micro® pure chlorine dioxide is delivered via patented micro-reactor technology, designed to produce a specific amount of pure chlorine dioxide as needed by the end user.

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1) What are the uses for Selective Micro® pure chlorine dioxide on clinical analyzers and lab equipment? 

  • Selective Micro® pure chlorine dioxide is designed for maintenance cleaning, sanitizing or disinfecting, and removing organic matter from fluid lines and reservoirs in clinical analyzers or from lab equipment.

 2) Why use Selective Micro® pure chlorine dioxide over alternative treatments?                             

  • Selective Micro® pure chlorine dioxide is a fast-working, effective, highly compatible and extremely quick-rinsing alternative to other cleaning agents on the market.  Pure chlorine dioxide has more capacity to remove organic matter (due to its inherent chemical characteristics); plus, since it offers much greater selectivity towards key organics, it presents superior material compatibility over other commonly used products, like chlorine.  Finally, because Selective Micro® pure chlorine dioxide is a pure gas in water, it will rapidly rinse from the equipment and typically does not need to be wiped away from hard non-porous surfaces.

3) Has chlorine dioxide been used before?

  • Chlorine dioxide comes in different varieties (ultra-pure, impure, and mechanically generated low purity); it has been recognized as an effective cleaning agent for decades. It is used in a wide range of hygiene-related applications worldwide. Municipal water systems have used chlorine dioxide to treat drinking water for over 50 years.

 4) Will Selective Micro® pure chlorine dioxide damage my equipment?

  • No.  Compatibility testing at 5 ppm and 100 ppm has demonstrated that Selective Micro® pure chlorine dioxide is compatible with most metals and plastics and should not damage pumps, valves, reservoirs, or water lines.  More information regarding compatibility can be found at www.selectivemicro.com

 5) Is Selective Micro® pure chlorine dioxide hazardous?

  • No.  Selective Micro® pure chlorine dioxide requires no certifications for storage, handling, or use. There is no hazardous waste disposal.