Better, Safer and Smarter than Bleach
with NO Corrosion Concerns

safer-than-bleach-logoPure Chlorine Dioxide from SMT offers greater efficacy at lower concentrations than bleach, making it an ideal solution for laboratory equipment & surface decontamination. SMT’s 99.9% pure chlorine dioxide is highly effective, is non-corrosive and shortens downtimes for cleaning. In short, it’s BETTER, SAFER and SMARTER than bleach!

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This sample pack is $36.00 + S&H and includes: 6x ClO2BBER 100

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  • Performance – solution activates quickly – just add water and decontaminates up to 99.9999% of your laboratory equipment & surfaces
  • Reduction of downtime – just spray and walk away


  • Purity – the activated solution has a neutral pH
  • There is no residual left behind or other toxic by-products
  • No special handling or disposal requirements


  • Effective against a broad range of microbes including: bacteria, viruses, yeast, mold and spore formers
  • High material compatibility
  • Very low corrosiveness

Clinical Decon Trial Offer Includes:


ClO2BBER 10-generates 32 ounces of 100ppm ClO2 in 30 minutes

Easy to use, with our just-add-water patented technology. Simply fill container with tap water, wait 30 minutes to generate and dilute/use as necessary. Intended for laboratory equipment and surfaces, and perfect for internal fluidics.


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