Advantages of Chlorine Dioxide in Water Treatment

Hello everyone! It has been a rainy summer for us in Ohio, so with water in mind, I figure to get wet and talk about water systems applications. I recently chatted with Frank Firicano, an expert in treating closed loop water systems, RO/membrane systems, etc. Frank has an intimate knowledge of SMT’s pure chlorine dioxide (ClO2) by way of interaction with and development of chlorine dioxide applications.

Physical State

The first thing Frank mentioned when discussing the abilities and advantages of ClO₂ was its physical state. Chlorine dioxide exists as a gas dissolved in water, which enables it to be more effective against the buildup of bio-slime and other organic matter on the membranes. Whereas most decontaminates will non-selectively react and oxidize unnecessary sink material, chlorine dioxide selectively targets microbes so as to use less disinfection agent, thereby saving time and money.

Frank describes this fashion in detail, specifically, that “chlorine dioxide, because it is a gas, as well as a very selective oxidizer, is able to maneuver its way through any cracks or crevices of the outer layer.  And because it only selectively reacts, is able to keep its strength and resist electrons until it reaches the organic material beneath. This is the stuff that is holding onto the inside surfaces causing the buildup. When ClO₂ hits that, it reacts, and the buildup simply breaks away.”

As a gas, chlorine dioxide also passes through filter media with ease, unlike traditional agents such as bleaches and peracetic acid. Since it is not ionized, it has no problem passing through from one side of the system to the other.

Frank further states “this is pretty important because we know that both sides of the system are being decontaminated. Sometimes these membranes and filters are effective to the point that other liquid chemicals cannot traverse headspace as will chlorine dioxide.”

Ease of Use

Another reason water systems experts prefer ClO₂ for decontamination is due to ease of use. With many chemicals, one is required to dilute a concentrated solution down to use concentration. This requires extra time and also exposes the technician to dangerous levels of chemicals.

With SMT’s pure chlorine dioxide, all that is required is adding water. Our patented micro-reactor is contained inside of a pouch which holds a pre-determined amount of water. So, when the technician is in need of decontaminant, he or she simply adds water, waits for it to generate, and adds to the preferred system in order to decontaminate.

If you would like to learn more about the advantages of SMT’s pure chlorine dioxide, please visit and download the free case study at the bottom regarding the decontamination of a USP water purification system and distribution loop! You can also download the free case study below!

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