Frequently Asked Questions

How are your products different from other chlorine dioxide?

SMTs ultra-pure ClO₂ is generated via our patented membrane system. A proprietary membrane contains the pre-cursor chemistry necessary to generate chlorine dioxide. When that “micro-reactor” is added to water, the membrane only allows water vapor to pass through. That condenses inside the reactor and fuels the chemical reaction which creates the ClO<sub>2</sub> gas molecule. Only that gas molecule is allowed to pass out of the micro-reactor into the water which gives us a 99.9% pure solution with a neutral pH.

Are you products EPA registered?

Yes, our Selectrocide line of products have been tested according to current guidelines, and results verified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Our product is classified as a hospital grade disinfectant, which can also be used to sanitize and deodorize.

Are you products organic?

Yes, many of our products have been review by the Organic Materials Review Institute, or OMRI, according the National Organic Program. Our products can be used for a variety of applications in the manufacture of organic products.

Can you apply your products directly to food?

Yes, SMT products have approvals and clearances from both the EPA and FDA as a direct antimicrobial rinse/wash for raw agricultural commodities and processed foods such as fruits, vegetables, red meat, poultry, and sea food.

Is your product approved by the FDA?

Yes, our products have many Food Contact Notifications that allow direct washing of food products, such as FCN 445, 645, 1578, 1764, and 1804

Do you offer distributorship opportunities?

Yes, we are willing to work with organizations in various industries to educate sales forces, provide regulatory guidance, and assist building a distribution network for expansion of sales in your market.

What is chlorine dioxide used for?

Chlorine dioxide can be used to disinfect or sanitize surfaces in virtually any area such as hospitals, labs, or food processing facilities. It can also be used as very effective space deodorizer for cars, boats, or RVs.