Growers and Cultivation

The issue

Whether you’re growing ornamental plants, cannabis, or food, mold, bacteria, and other pathogens can be your worst enemy. Spoilage microbes can cause food to rot quicker, leading to huge losses of profit, and large amounts of waste in the food vertical.

Pathogenic bacteria or viruses in the growing environment can cause sickness in food. A failed microbial analysis can cause the loss of part of, or even a whole crop. Ornamental plant diseases can destroy your beautiful flowers.


Let SMT’s ultra-pure chlorine dioxide products help protect you! Our products can be used to eliminate or reduce bacteria, mold, and viruses in virtually any setting.

Grow Op/Horticulture

Our EPA registered disinfectants can be used to disinfectant your grow operation to prevent cross-contamination during growth or processing, including:
  • Tools, buckets, cutting tables
  • Walls, floors, drains and ceilings
  • Any other hard, non-porous surfaces
Recommended products: Selectrocide 1G, 5G, or 12G Our Partner:

Ag/Food production

Our EPA registered and FDA approved products can be used in antimicrobial washes to reduce spoilage organisms and extend the shelf life of produce:

  • Wash raw agricultural commodities such as fruits and vegetables
  • Wash processed foods such as fruits and vegetables

Recommended products:
Selectrocide A12, or 12G

Irrigation Systems

Our ultra-pure chlorine dioxide can be used as a continuous treatment in irrigation systems to remove slime and algae, and to inhibit its reemergence.

  • As a initial or remedial treatment to disinfect water holding tanks and irrigation/transfer lines
  • As an initial or remedial treatment to remove slime, algae, and fungi from water holding tanks and irrigation/transfer lines
  • For continuous treatment of irrigation/treatment lines to inhibit the establishment of slime, algae, and fungi
  • As an algaecide and fungicide for treating, preventing, suppressing and controlling horticultural diseases on hard, non-porous surfaces in commercial greenhouses

Recommended products:
Selectrocide 5G, or 12G.

Related Case Study

Validation of the use of chlorine dioxide in reducing microbial contamination on raw fruits and vegetables


Sanitize and disinfect food-contact surfaces, keep food fresh longer, and eliminate food borne pathogens. Pure chlorine dioxide from SMT. Selective Micro validated use of pure chlorine dioxide in reducing microbial contamination on raw fruits and vegetables. Pure chlorine dioxide was tested at 5ppm concentration and for total 1 minute contact time. The experiment was to determine the antimicrobial properties of pure chlorine dioxide after drop-spotting inoculation over each surface of raw agricultural commodity (RAC). 

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