Pure Chlorine Dioxide: The newest technology in disinfection and odor elimination


As innovators in antimicrobial solutions, SMT brings you the world’s most versatile and user-friendly choice for surface disinfection, sanitization and space deodorization.

This easy to use, just-add-water patented delivery system offers a more intelligent and environmentally sophisticated method for decontamination.

What are the benefits of 99.9% pure chlorine dioxide ClO₂?

It’s effective Pure ClO₂ is a powerful oxidizer — germs and bacteria are unable to build up a tolerance. It is effective against wide varieties of dangerous microorganisms including:
– germs – viruses – fungi
– spores – mold & mildew – bacteria

It’s gentle
Unlike other disinfectants, there are no corrosion concerns at use levels. ClO₂ can be used on food, water and in food preparation areas.

It’s pure
Our technology is eco-friendly and OMRI organic certified, requiring no special disposal or handling requirements. The activated solution has a neutral pH.

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