Distributor Profile: AET Making Your World Cleaner & Safer

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Advanced Environmental Technologies (AET) is a longtime SMT partner specializing in the surface disinfection of high-traffic consumer and professional spaces.  For over a decade, AET has achieved exemplary treatment results in the auto/boat/RV industries, athletic facilities, healthcare Systems, restaurants, and commercial/residential areas. AET has consistently used SMT’s products to effectively disinfect vehicles, boats, food contact surfaces, and other hard non-porous surfaces.

Unreachable areas such as seats, carpet lining, and the overhead compartments of cars, RVs, and boats have always posed an issue to owners and servicers. With ease, SMT’s pure ClO2 reliably penetrates those difficult-to-clean areas responsible for harboring noxious stains and smells. Additionally, non-residual and non-corrosive ClO2 gas has the penetrating power and ability to clear out any underlying odors, leaving fully fresh and clean environment.

Below are two videos to explain what sets Selectrocide apart from other disinfectants.


AET uses Selectrocide to ensure that your home or business is cleaned and disinfected in the most effective way possible. Onsite, AET commonly employs the Selectrocide 5G, as well complementary products such as SMT’s ClO2BBER 100 and Multi-Surface Surfactant, a bio-based cleaner that adds a shining and degreasing element to hard-surface treatments

AET uses the Selectrocide 5G for various reasons. When used as hard surface disinfectant, the 5G can treat well over 12,000 sq. ft. AET has also found success offering clients the Selectrocide 5G Kit, very easy to use without special training. Surfaces that are contaminated by pathogens and bacteria daily require special attention. Each 5G kit allows you to make onsite ready-to-use disinfectant to spray down any surfaces in your car, boat, or RV that have been contaminated with bacteria or other harmful pathogens.

Below is a helpful informative video from AET that describes the use of Selectrocide products to treat a 64′ Yacht plagued with odor and bacteria issues.


AET and SMT have teamed together to ensure that any disinfection job can be completed, no matter how difficult or uncertain. Treatments like the above demonstrate how AET keeps your spaces clean & safe and provides the best protection for your customers, patients, and employees.

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