Validation of the use of chlorine dioxide in reducing microbial contamination on raw fruits and vegetables

Sanitize and disinfect food-contact surfaces, keep food fresh longer, and eliminate food borne pathogens. Pure chlorine dioxide from SMT. Selective Micro validated use of pure chlorine dioxide in reducing microbial contamination on raw fruits and vegetables. Pure chlorine dioxide was tested at 5ppm concentration and for total 1 minute contact time. The experiment was to determine the antimicrobial properties of pure chlorine dioxide after drop-spotting inoculation over each surface of raw agricultural commodity (RAC). Ten pieces of each fruit and vegetable variety were treated, using random selection, 5 pieces of each were treated with pure chlorine dioxide after inoculation and 5 pieces of each were left untreated after inoculation. Test inoculation included the following organisms: salmonella, E. coli, listeria monocytogenes, and yeast/mold specimens. The differences between inoculated treated and inoculated untreated were analyzed by log reduction of target organisms for pure chlorine dioxide treatment, further expressed a percent reduction. Average percent log reduction using pure chlorine dioxide against test organisms demonstrate pure chlorine dioxide as a valuable and highly effective, broad range antimicrobial treatment option as a RAC wash. Differences in log reduction are attributable namely to differences in RAC physical characteristics including texture and fruit or vegetable size.
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