Vehicle Decontamination & Odor Elimination


99.9% pure chlorine dioxide increases the effectiveness of disinfection & odor causing pathogens

The challenge:
Vehicles are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, mold, viruses, and other germs to spread common cold and flu viruses. When bacteria and fungi levels build up, not only are your chances of contracting an illness heightened, but unpleasant odors are also increased.

Odor Smarts set out to reduce the bacteria and fungi levels in two passenger vehicles, as well as eliminate the associated odors. Treatment of Cab #A consisted of cleaning and disinfecting the vehicle’s hard, nonporous surfaces, without a gas treatment. Treatment of Cab #B consisted of cleaning and disinfecting the interior similar to Cab #A, but was followed by a one-hour gas treatment of 99.9% pure chlorine dioxide, via an electronic Odor Smarts deodorizing unit. Swabs of various surfaces were taken before and after treatment, counting bacteria and fungi levels.

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