Harnessing the power of our patented chlorine dioxide, SMT is dedicated to combating and eliminating threats caused by bacteria, mold, viruses, and other microbes and pathogens-making our environments cleaner, safer, and more efficient. 

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Every grower strives to deliver the highest quality products to their customer as possible. SMT’s products and solutions can help eliminate bacteria, mold, and spoilage microbes to make your products the best available!

Whether it’s a food processing facility, a brewery, or even a winery, SMT offers a wide range of protocols to make your facility and equipment as safe as possible.

SMT’s chlorine dioxide cleaners are EPA registered, hospital grade disinfectants and sanitizers that can be used on any hard, non-porous surface in healthcare settings such as acute and long term care facilities, or urgent care.

SMT’s pure chlorine dioxide products are perfect for decontaminating clinical chemistry analyzers, water purification systems, and other sensitive analytical equipment to minimize downtime and maximize performance.

Chlorine dioxide is a superior disinfectant that can be used on virtually any hard, non-porous surfaces in schools, fitness centers, spas, office centers, food processing facilities, and more!

When it comes to animal husbandry, there are many variables in regards to animal health. SMT’s solutions can help provide the cleanest drinking water possible, which can assist with weight gain, mortality rates, and other measures of a successful herd or flock.

Why Selective Micro?

At SMT, we’re committed to providing you with a customized solution to help solve any problems related to bacteria, viruses, mold, or other microbes and pathogens. We can be fast and flexible in regard to product delivery, manufacturing, and packaging. We’ve provided high-level solutions for some of the largest companies in the world to ensure they are offering the best services and products to their customers.

Our patented chlorine dioxide generation method- what we refer to as our “micro-reactor”- allows you to generate ultra-pure ClO2 anywhere in the world. Our product constructs allow us to ship tens-of-thousands of gallons of hospital-grade disinfectant on a single skid! Get in touch with us today to start working on your custom solution.

Selectrocide ®

High purity chlorine dioxide at the point of use:

ClO2 in action

Historically, chlorine dioxide (CD) became important in sanitation because of municipal water treatment concerns about halomethanes and chloramines generated during industrial chlorine-based water treatment. The American Water Works Association (1, 2) details the chemical properties of CD, with gas generator designs and the history and applications of CD in water treatment.

To date, limitations in CD gas generation technology have kept this attractive product from many applications for which its properties would be advantageous. Several novel technologies may bring it into the mainstream of biopharmaceutical manufacturing and maintenance operations.

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